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Submission Policy

  1. To ensure a meaningful comparison of tracking methods, all participants are required to use only the sequences provided by the training set of GOT-10k for learning models and tuning parameters.
  2. Tracking results will be evaluated automatically and the reports will be made visible only to you. You will be able to make them public at any time.
  3. To discourage using the evaluation server for training, one have to wait 48 hours (2 days) before he/she can re-submit the results. Moreover, one cannot submit the results for the same method more than 4 times.
  4. If you want to tune the parameters or test performance under different settings of your method, please use the training or validation set of GOT-10k for this purpose.
  5. Note that only the latest submission will be considered.

File Format

Please submit your tracking results as a single .zip file. Click here to download an exemplar submission.

(If you use our Python or MATLAB toolkit, the .zip file will be automatically generated once all sequences are run)

Bounding Box Files

Each bounding box file is named as <sequence_name_00i>.txt where i is the repetition number. The file contains an N×4 matrix with each line representing one object instance:

<bb_xmin>, <bb_ymin>, <bb_width>, <bb_height>

All coordinate values are 1-based.

Time Files

Each time file is named as <sequence_name>_time.txt. The file contains an N×R matrix, where N is the frame number while R denotes the reptition time. Each entry of the file is a floating number indicating the tracking runtime at a single frame.

File Structure

The unzipped results should follow the file structure:

  |-- <tracker_name>
    |-- GOT-10K_Test_000001
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000001_001.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000001_002.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000001_003.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000001_time.txt
    |-- GOT-10K_Test_000002
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000002_001.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000002_002.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000002_003.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000002_time.txt
    |   ......
    |-- GOT-10K_Test_000180
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000180_001.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000180_002.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000180_003.txt
    |  |-- GOT-10K_Test_000180_time.txt